Tuesday, 23 February 2010


This blog has been set up and comments are invited from passengers using Yate railway station.

This blog will be monitored and a number of subjects will be added on which users will be able to comment on.

Subjects which have been raised include ;-

Overcrowding on Trains ;
Ticket Machines ;
Increased Car Park Charges ;
Fare Evasion ;
Penalty Fares ;
Station Environment ;
Future Timetable Changes ;
Customer Information Points ;
Provision Of An Earlier Sunday Morning Journey To Bristol ;
Cycle Racks ;
Books Of Prepaid Tickets (Carnets) for regular customers who may not travel on a daily basis ;
Yate Town Bus Service linking new Council Offices and Railway Station with those areas of Yate not linked directly by existing bus routes ;
Severnside Community Rail Partnership ;
FOSBR (Friends of Bristols Suburban Railway) ;
Transport For Greater Bristol Alliance ;
Membership of Yate Station User Group ;

If you have any subject(s) which you would like added to the above list to stimulate discussion with other station users please add your subject as a comment to this WELCOME blog page and a blog page will be set up for your chosen subject for your fellow passengers to comment.

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  1. Claire Young9/6/10 2:08 am

    Following Monday's meeting, I would like to suggest a new post asking for volunteers to maintain the garden planned for the Gloucester-bound platform.