Friday, 15 October 2010

01 November 2010 Meeting of Friends of Yate Station

The next meeting of The Friends of Yate Station will be held on Monday November 1st 2010 at Yate Town Councils Poole Court commencing at 19.30 hours.

All users of the station are welcome to attend and raise any issues of concern to them.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bus service 85

This new South Gloucestershire Council bus service links Yate with Emersons Green every 30 mins during Mondays to Fridays daytime.

A suggestion was made at the last meeting of the Friends of Yate Station that the service be revised to operate as a circular service operating from Emersons Green via Blackhorse, Kendleshire, Coalpit Heath, Nibley and Station Road to Yate Shopping Centre thence returning to Emersons Green by way of Kennedy Way, Heron Way, Shire Way, Westerleigh and Henfield Cross Roads. This clockwise service (renumber to 85C) to operate hourly. Another service (renumbered 85A) to operate hourly via the aforementioned route in the reverse direction.

No more resources would be required to operate this revised service and in addition the revision would provide a much requested requirment to connect Westerleigh Village with Yate Railway Station.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

As a user of Yate Station have you got a problem or subject you want to discuss ?

As a user of Yate Station have you a problem or a subject you want to discuss relating to travel from the station including public transport to and from the station then leave a comment on this thread and it will be taken to the next Friends of Yate Station meeting for discussion. A thread will also be opened for the problem or the subject and other readers of this blog can post to the thread their comments and experiences on the same subject.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Transport For Greater Bristol Alliance

Representatives from this group first attended the last meeting of the Yate Station User Group and introduced this group to us.

Their website address can be found at ;-

Provision Of An Earlier Sunday Morning Journey To Bristol

Requests have been made for the provision of an earlier Sunday morning service to Bristol as the bus service does not run early enough to get people into Bristol to commence their work.

FGW have said that an additional service would need to be justified and would require revenue support from the local authorities.

A further request will be made to FGW to investigate the feasibility of re-timing the first Sunday service to Bristol to operateone hour earlier throughout.

Customer Information Points

FGW apologises for the non-working information point on platform 1. The cable to the information point box was severed when recent engineering on the track was undertaken. The repair can only be undertaken under a line possession order.

A new information system is being rolled out on the FGW network and a new enhanced information point will be installed. This will include a small flat screen which will display live arrival and departure information, a facility to contact National Rail enquires, an emergemcy button to summon Police and a loudspeaker for FGW staff to make public address announcements to waiting passengers.

The provisional installation date for this at Yate station is the autumn 2010.

Station Environment

The Severnside Community Rail Partnership has provided planters on a number of stations and are prepared to investigate provision of a number of these at Yate using the Probation Services Community Payback scheme.

Further details will be posted here when avaiiable.