Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Transport For Greater Bristol Alliance

Representatives from this group first attended the last meeting of the Yate Station User Group and introduced this group to us.

Their website address can be found at ;-

Provision Of An Earlier Sunday Morning Journey To Bristol

Requests have been made for the provision of an earlier Sunday morning service to Bristol as the bus service does not run early enough to get people into Bristol to commence their work.

FGW have said that an additional service would need to be justified and would require revenue support from the local authorities.

A further request will be made to FGW to investigate the feasibility of re-timing the first Sunday service to Bristol to operateone hour earlier throughout.

Customer Information Points

FGW apologises for the non-working information point on platform 1. The cable to the information point box was severed when recent engineering on the track was undertaken. The repair can only be undertaken under a line possession order.

A new information system is being rolled out on the FGW network and a new enhanced information point will be installed. This will include a small flat screen which will display live arrival and departure information, a facility to contact National Rail enquires, an emergemcy button to summon Police and a loudspeaker for FGW staff to make public address announcements to waiting passengers.

The provisional installation date for this at Yate station is the autumn 2010.

Station Environment

The Severnside Community Rail Partnership has provided planters on a number of stations and are prepared to investigate provision of a number of these at Yate using the Probation Services Community Payback scheme.

Further details will be posted here when avaiiable.

Penalty Fares

It is reported that the Penalty Fares system which was partially implemented in 2007 and them dropped has reportedly been set to be re-introduced in April 2010.

However, infrastructure neccessary for its full introduction will not be in place at every station in the Penalty Fares Zone in time for the deadline.

Passengers are advised that ONLY TRAINED Revenue Protection Staff are authorised to Penalty Fare a passenger and there is an independent Penalty Fares Appeals Procedure for passengers who feel they are unfairly Penalty Fared.

Fare Evasion

FGW were concerned over the number of passengers travelling without purchasing a ticket for their journey.

A revenue protection block placed at Filton Abbey Wood has caught a number of passengers travelling without a valid ticket. These passengers are asked for their names and addresses and have been given warnings that if they are caught travelling again without a valid ticket, prosecution will follow.

A six month trail of having a member of staff at Filton Abbey Wood in the afternoon peak hours has been approved and the post is currently being advertised on the FGW website.

Increased Car Park Charges

A report back from FGW is being sought.

Ticket Machines

Due to repeated vandalism the ticket machines are unlikely to be replaced in the foreseable future.

Severnside Community Rail Partnership

This organisation is one of a number of Community Rail Partnerships which have been set up in England to promote local rail use. The Severnside Community Rail Partnership covers the area from Taunton in the South to Gloucester in the North and from Pilning in the West to bath in the east.

Further information on this organisation can be found on their website at ;-

Friends Of Suburban Bristol Railways

This organisation is pressure group aiming to expand the current railway network in the Bristol Area.

Their main focus is to ensure the current service level on the Severn Beach Line is maintained and enhanced in the future.

Further details of this group can be found on their website at ;-

Future Timetable Changes

Requests have been made to bring forward the 06.48 departure to give a connection at Bristol Parkway for London. It was stated that the earliest arrival in London using the current timetabled services from Yate was 09.30.

FGW reported that there were pathing constraints at present with the daily Milford Haven to Westerleigh oil train.

Overcrowding On Trains

Since the December timetable change the 08.16 departure from Yate has been diagrammed to be operated as a 3-coach train. On occasions this third coach may be 'pinched' by the operators Control Room to cover for another service due to a train fault or itself may be prone to a train fault.

The FGW station manager for Yate has stated that since the new timetable has been in force the third carriage has alleviated some of the overcrowing on this service.

Concern has also been expressed of the overcrowding for commuters returning to Yate on late afternoon / early evening services.

The FGW station manager stated that there is nothing to be done to help in this matter at present as FGW have just not got enough rolling stock to go around as the amount of rolling stock available to FGW is specified in the franchise agreement. FGW are already leasing MORE than the franchise requirement decreed by the Department for Transport.

The FGW station manager did state that FGW were due to receive a number of new build 4-car class 172 units to be utilised on the Cardiff to Portsmouth route which would release the 3-car 158's currently used on this route to be cascaded to other services and thus alleviate some of the overcrowding on other services including those serving Yate.

It is understood that these new build units have been put on hold as a result of the recently announced electrification of the Great Western Main Line.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Membership of Yate Station User Group

Anyone can become a member of Yate Station User Group, there is no membership fee. We would welcome more input from the stations users. You don't have commit yourselves to attending meetings, just add your name as a comment to this blog post with your e-mail address and we will keep you informed of happenings at the station and of news from the group. You will of course always be welcome to attend the group meetings, meet FGW representatives, including Nigel, and put your comments to them in a relaxed setting rather than in a harassed situation whilst obtaining your travel ticket in a queue of 10 - 20 persons.


This blog has been set up and comments are invited from passengers using Yate railway station.

This blog will be monitored and a number of subjects will be added on which users will be able to comment on.

Subjects which have been raised include ;-

Overcrowding on Trains ;
Ticket Machines ;
Increased Car Park Charges ;
Fare Evasion ;
Penalty Fares ;
Station Environment ;
Future Timetable Changes ;
Customer Information Points ;
Provision Of An Earlier Sunday Morning Journey To Bristol ;
Cycle Racks ;
Books Of Prepaid Tickets (Carnets) for regular customers who may not travel on a daily basis ;
Yate Town Bus Service linking new Council Offices and Railway Station with those areas of Yate not linked directly by existing bus routes ;
Severnside Community Rail Partnership ;
FOSBR (Friends of Bristols Suburban Railway) ;
Transport For Greater Bristol Alliance ;
Membership of Yate Station User Group ;

If you have any subject(s) which you would like added to the above list to stimulate discussion with other station users please add your subject as a comment to this WELCOME blog page and a blog page will be set up for your chosen subject for your fellow passengers to comment.