Thursday, 8 April 2010

As a user of Yate Station have you got a problem or subject you want to discuss ?

As a user of Yate Station have you a problem or a subject you want to discuss relating to travel from the station including public transport to and from the station then leave a comment on this thread and it will be taken to the next Friends of Yate Station meeting for discussion. A thread will also be opened for the problem or the subject and other readers of this blog can post to the thread their comments and experiences on the same subject.


  1. Please can someone repair the Gloucester Bound shelter on the platform, it is missing several panes and others have holes in them where they have been burnt.
    It would also be helpful if this shelter was lit.

  2. I returned from work today to find that my bike had been vandalised (locked up behind the ticket office). The handlebars have been ripped off and stolen (with the stem and brake levers attached).

    They are fairly unique - black riser handlebars with GO FAST written across a silver brace, with bright red and black brake levers and a bright red stem).

    If anyone finds or spots these, please leave a message.

    I found a saddle in the bushes whilst looking around the car parks, so am fairly hopeful.